floydius it's almost like you've got nothing better to do


there’s a sweet, sweet tea in this place

Left to right: Yours truly, Yolonda, Haley

Tonight, I called up my best friend Brandon and his wife Joy to see if they wanted to go to dinner. This is a nice arrangement since they are two of my favorite people. Also, Claira comes with them, so I always have a cute date. (She doesn’t talk much, and she’s only thrown up… Read More »

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grammar fail

the front of the car

Today I saw this while I was walking to campus: His what?

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D to the B

gotta love wifi at saturn

I’m sitting here at the Saturn dealership in Little Rock having my car checked out, listening to my man Dave Barnes (see I was movin’ forward, I thought I was fine), thinking about the events that have conspired to bring me to Arkansas on a rainy Tuesday morning. In many ways, it feels like I’m… Read More »


i met miss vickie at subway


Since I’ve arrived in Searcy, I’ve developed a good working relationship with my local Subway. The staff recognize me now and have made fun of my sunburn, going so far as to chide me not to get burnt again last weekend. I like it there. The main reason for my patronage is that every day,… Read More »

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