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Clinton on economics, Part One

It seems Comedy central finally found something funnier than Colbert. I will be reviewing a segment on the Daily Show regarding the current bailout situation. Part two of this blog will cover the second half of Clinton’s interview. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Bill Clinton Pt. 1 www.thedailyshow.com… Read More »


smells like freedom

My buddy Philip was up later than usual tonight and we were chatting about our usual range of topics (girls, politics, girls, the Bible, girls, food, etc.) This afternoon I received my brand new copy of The Revolution: A Manifesto, by Ron Paul. As Philip and I were talking, I began babbling some of my… Read More »


Ron Paul on recent bailouts


the good Dr. is at it again

Here is an interview congressman Ron Paul did with Glenn Beck last night. Listen to the man. Write your congressmen and senators. Tell them to introduce legislature to dismantle the Federal Reserve.


the patriot

A man who is willing to speak like this in Congress is not out for his own gain. Feel free to read the transcript.