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The Party’s Over?

A Party in Danger Last week, the news was aflutter with Rick Perry’s withdrawal from the presidential race. This week, the big story is Newt Gingrich’s victory in South Carolina. If we are to believe the mainstream media channels and the pundit consensus, we may be in for Round 2 of Obama vs. Anyone-But-Obama. Round… Read More »


Campaign Issues, Vol. I: Ron Paul and bin Laden

On May 11, Ron Paul gave an interview with WHO Newsradio 1040 in which he stated that he would not have ordered the bin Laden raid to occur “the way it took place in Pakistan”: This is a problem for a lot of people; it leaves them with the idea that Paul would prefer bin… Read More »


How to create an Insurgent

Anyone remember these scenes from The Patriot? (A warning for the faint of stomach, such as myself: this is pretty graphic.) I remember watching this movie for the first time, and it was pretty disturbing. One might say that I simply have a weak stomach or that I’m unable to deal with reality. To the… Read More »


pollice verso

I still remember my first experience with a horror movie. I think I was six, and we had a vhs claymation movie about prehistoric times. Triceratops and a T-Rex got into it with one another. T-Rex took a chomp out of Triceratops, but Triceratops came back by goring T-Rex’s stomach. There was clay blood. It… Read More »


Clinton on Economics, Part Two


In part one, we discussed Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson’s initial plan to bail out failing banks, former President Bill Clinton’s suggestion to place a moratorium on foreclosures until they can be manually reviewed, and finally, what foreclosure really means for banks and for the economy. Now, let’s watch the second half of Clinton’s interview: The… Read More »

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