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friday hello

Just an audio dedication to those of my friends whom I’ve not seen in awhile. (Yes, this is a pretty terrible, one-off recording.) Happy Friday. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] for you smartphone people

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for shane t.

Hope you enjoy it, buddy. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] for the smartphone people


go go gadget immune system

My throat hates me. The last few days it’s been pretty sore, but I’m praying that it’s on the upswing. In any case, yesterday I took one of my rare sick days, and today is my day off. Hence, I present you with a new post. Last week we had a seminar of sorts at… Read More »


blessed be Your name

so, I had this really long blog planned out, like I usually do. basically wait a month and then narrate my life — that’s the formula. well, not this time. i’m cutting my losses, and then i’m going to offer you some false hope that i’ll update more often. muahhahahha. last time we chatted, i… Read More »


une histoire pour mes amis


Lloyd has been notified by a few people that he needs to update more often. So, gather ’round, it’s story time. By the way, for those of you who actually read this thing, Lloyd wants you to know that it’s very flattering that you’d care to know what goes on in his life, and he… Read More »