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Week in Japanese: Kanji learnification

If only I could read!!

In preparation for my most recent trip to Japan (yes, it was awesome… I’ll post some pics or something later), I got serious about learning Japanese. According to this dude, learning the Kanji is the first step to owning the language like a boss. I’ve tried a few different methods, including Kanji In Mangaland and… Read More »


new addictions

New Addictions

So it’s been a minute. Actually, it’s been a lot of minutes, and days — and it turns out the last time I posted anything here was 4 months ago. I promise there’s a good reason: I’ve been a busy bee. There was a time when that really meant I was playing a lot of… Read More »


a new friend


Gresham, We need to talk. I don’t know how you’re going to react to this, but I made a choice and I want to be honest with you. I met somebody new. It’s not what you think; don’t be upset! I’m not giving up on us, I just want to talk to new people. I… Read More »


the problem with poo

Recently my good friend and blogging compatriot, Philip, posted about what he has judged to be an instance of subversive racism. Here are a couple of key quotes: I’ve always wondered about a couple of crude phrases often used among men to announce the need to go to the bathroom. One is, “Well, I need… Read More »


los tmulos me estan mirando…


As most of you know, I spent some time in Guatemala back in September. I must have liked it, because I find myself now typing this out from a coffee place called Barista in a mall in Guatemala City. Don’t believe me? Here’s the undeniable proof: Okay, so maybe that doesn’t prove anything. But, I… Read More »