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happy festivus… now for the feats of strength!


ah, only Seinfeld. Anyway, I’m back safe and sound from Guatemala. not that I wanted to leave. yet, all last week I found myself sitting at my desk, working away. That’s not depressing. This visit was more productive, and less adventurous than the first. Wednesday I roamed around Guatemala City and discovered that my Spanish… Read More »


los tmulos me estan mirando…


As most of you know, I spent some time in Guatemala back in September. I must have liked it, because I find myself now typing this out from a coffee place called Barista in a mall in Guatemala City. Don’t believe me? Here’s the undeniable proof: Okay, so maybe that doesn’t prove anything. But, I… Read More »


these abundant skies


i’m in a good mood right now, and i feel like sharing. welcome, friends. sunday night i took the church van out to crestview with the youth group for the ignite youth rally. it was much like other events of the sort, and the spiritual boost always helps. i did realize something though. i really… Read More »


blessed be Your name

so, I had this really long blog planned out, like I usually do. basically wait a month and then narrate my life — that’s the formula. well, not this time. i’m cutting my losses, and then i’m going to offer you some false hope that i’ll update more often. muahhahahha. last time we chatted, i… Read More »


the longest blog, ever. EVER!


Hola, my millions of friends and fans! Hold your breath no longer — the fabled Guatemala blog has arrived. Please, let me warn you… this is likely to be the longest blog, ever. EVER! If you’re not interested in that, and just want to see my photos, they are posted on my new experimental gallery…. Read More »