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facebook photo privacy


Someone asked me the other day about seeing people they didn’t know commenting on photos they thought were private. Apparently, Facebook has changed the defaults to where anyone who is friends with someone tagged in a photo (or any post, for that matter) can see that photo. You may be totally fine with that; some… Read More »

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I’ve been working with a congregation in Mesquite, TX for the last few months. We’re studying through a series in Ruth, and this past Sunday, I talked about some of Naomi’s suffering. The truth, though, is that I feel like teaching on suffering is pretty pointless for me. Pointless because it’s been taught and explored… Read More »


blood, fear, and healing

My younger brother was always more athletic than I, but I never truly accepted that fact until the winter Olympics of 1988. Back in 1988, one of the most exciting events was speed skating (looks like it’s headed that way again in 2010, by the way). We lived in a house with wooden floors then,… Read More »


facebook applications and privacy

If you’ve ever accepted a facebook application, you know the drill. Usually it will say something to the effect of “we have access to all your information now.” Essentially, you are adding that application’s developer/company as a friend. One thing you may not be aware of is the fact that, if a friend of yours… Read More »

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good times


Today, I was looking through my old Middle School yearbook and remembering how thankful I am that I never have to go back to 13. Here are my favorite quotes from those who signed my book: “U Better not be squirtin brain Juice all-over! Don’t let your Brain overload with smartness! My speech was better… Read More »

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