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facebook photo privacy


Someone asked me the other day about seeing people they didn’t know commenting on photos they thought were private. Apparently, Facebook has changed the defaults to where anyone who is friends with someone tagged in a photo (or any post, for that matter) can see that photo. You may be totally fine with that; some… Read More »

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facebook applications and privacy

If you’ve ever accepted a facebook application, you know the drill. Usually it will say something to the effect of “we have access to all your information now.” Essentially, you are adding that application’s developer/company as a friend. One thing you may not be aware of is the fact that, if a friend of yours… Read More »

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facebook connect testing

For some while now, my blog has been able to accept comments via OpenID. That means, if you have an account with Blogger, WordPress.com, LiveJournal, Yahoo, Flickr, MySpace, or any other OpenID provider, you can use that website address to leave comments without providing your Name or e-mail to the blog. Most of my readers… Read More »

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sign of the times


What exactly are you trying to say, Facebook? You don’t have to push me there any faster than I’m already going!


which one of these doesn’t look like the other?


These are some screenshots I’ve picked up on facebook over the past week or so. I thought this arrangement was interesting. Good to know facebook and true.com have my best interest at heart. If you’re up for more poignant sermonizing — consider the lesson above, little Christian. May we all tread boldly, lest the body… Read More »