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dating well

I’m interested in knowing from some of my married friends the answer to the following question: What did you do when you were dating that has made your marriage better as a result? Conversely, you could tell me: what do you wish you had done when you were dating that might have helped make your… Read More »


sign of the times


What exactly are you trying to say, Facebook? You don’t have to push me there any faster than I’m already going!


an open letter to single girls

Last night, I went shopping for clothing at the mall (*barf*) with my roommate in Little Rock. This is no manly exercise, but shopping with another guy guarantees you won’t stay longer than you have to in one store. You will also successfully fend off shopping for at least another year, and leave ample time… Read More »


we will not be ashamed

I just watched the most horrible little commercial while waiting for Colbert to get started. It’s an ad campaign put out by our friends at amp energy drink. If you want to see the ad, it’s on their website under the “Ad” section, surprisingly enough. The premise is simple… many post college age young adults… Read More »


which one of these doesn’t look like the other?


These are some screenshots I’ve picked up on facebook over the past week or so. I thought this arrangement was interesting. Good to know facebook and true.com have my best interest at heart. If you’re up for more poignant sermonizing — consider the lesson above, little Christian. May we all tread boldly, lest the body… Read More »