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we will not be ashamed

I just watched the most horrible little commercial while waiting for Colbert to get started. It’s an ad campaign put out by our friends at amp energy drink. If you want to see the ad, it’s on their website under the “Ad” section, surprisingly enough. The premise is simple… many post college age young adults… Read More »


which one of these doesn’t look like the other?


These are some screenshots I’ve picked up on facebook over the past week or so. I thought this arrangement was interesting. Good to know facebook and true.com have my best interest at heart. If you’re up for more poignant sermonizing — consider the lesson above, little Christian. May we all tread boldly, lest the body… Read More »


spock and colbert

So I was watching an episode of the report and I noticed Colbert was interviewing Leonard Nemoy. Now I like old Spock, particularly because his jarred head has made so many cameos on one of the best shows ever created. Nonetheless, this interview was not to discuss Trekkies or the return of Futurama, but rather… Read More »


What a great Grinchy trick!

The following thoughts were spawned when my friend Laurin posted an essay regarding the issue of Santa Claus. I have often considered this question myself… what will I teach my children regarding Santa? Many people would say that depriving our children of Santa is a crime; why should we bereave them of their childhood? However,… Read More »


no regrets

I’m feeling opinionated… so prepare to bear the brunt of my ruminations. They used to come to me by e-mail, but things tend to move from one form of annoying to another without changing their nature (like this blog). Of course, I speak of Myspace bulletin surveys. Despite my best efforts, I read some of… Read More »