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food chains


Last year, I experimented with a vegetarian diet for six weeks, just to try it. I have no ethical problem with eating animals; my foray was inspired by a desire to eat more healthily as much as by a curiosity of how difficult it would be. I abstained from beef, poultry, pork, eggs, fish, and… Read More »


what christians can learn from vampires: an essay

I watched a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer during my last semester in college. I wanted to decompress after classes, and I deemed it to be the best thing on television one afternoon around 2 o’clock. That was it. I used to make fun of people who watched that show, too. It just so… Read More »


pollice verso

I still remember my first experience with a horror movie. I think I was six, and we had a vhs claymation movie about prehistoric times. Triceratops and a T-Rex got into it with one another. T-Rex took a chomp out of Triceratops, but Triceratops came back by goring T-Rex’s stomach. There was clay blood. It… Read More »


Pigs ‘deserve to be hurt’?

This kind of nonsense really makes me angry. I have no problem with killing animals for food. However, torturing and abusing an animal is completely unacceptable. Could God, who would not suffer an ox to be muzzled while treading grain, be pleased with this? I think not.


the problem with poo

Recently my good friend and blogging compatriot, Philip, posted about what he has judged to be an instance of subversive racism. Here are a couple of key quotes: I’ve always wondered about a couple of crude phrases often used among men to announce the need to go to the bathroom. One is, “Well, I need… Read More »