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baby come back. please?

If you’ve talked to me over the last year or so, you know that I’ve developed an unhealthy addiction to one of the best shows ever created, Home Movies (thanks, Beu). Unfortunately, it ended after four short seasons. It used to run regularly on Adult Swim, and now it appears maybe fortnightly, and then only… Read More »

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breakfast at what-a-burger


There’s nothing like sitting at What-a-Burger, eating breakfast, and telling stories to 20 or so of your most loyal readers. (okay, 20 is an overestimate, and by ‘loyal’, I mean ‘only’). But thank goodness for free Wi Fi. I suggest you stop by sometime, and grab a burger or a milkshake. For fast food, you… Read More »


home movies

If you have a sibling, and you aren’t as close to them as you should be, then call them. Give them a hug. Build on that relationship. I say this because God has blessed me with a really awesome brother, and I would hate for you all to miss out on that kind of closeness…. Read More »


back in the saddle


Well, last night I got to speak at Church again for the first time in a long time. I even made a nice presentation for the class using Open Office Impress, which exported nicely to powerpoint. If you desire to see it, get the impress version, or the powerpoint version, if you must. Unfortunately, my… Read More »