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up and running

If you were wondering, I have not completely disappeared from the blogosphere. A couple of months back, I attempted to update WordPress to a newer version and experienced a complete data loss. I have finally located all of my lost data in a backup and restored all my old posts. I’ve also cleaned up some… Read More »

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Hello everyone. Just thought I would announce that this is the one year anniversary of Blog.Floydius.com. Congratulations to all the writing staff (me) for all the mindless dribble (this). Cheers.

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welcome, minions.

So it has begun. I was going to wait to start posting until I figured out wordpress and learned to develop my own themes, but frankly, that will take forever. I’m not getting any younger here. This morning Chris’ lesson was a comparison of the first chapter of Joshua and Matthew 28. Namely, the need… Read More »