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new addictions

New Addictions

So it’s been a minute. Actually, it’s been a lot of minutes, and days — and it turns out the last time I posted anything here was 4 months ago. I promise there’s a good reason: I’ve been a busy bee. There was a time when that really meant I was playing a lot of… Read More »


The Best of the Internet

These are my favorite links. Enjoy. Fitness/Health Mark’s Daily Apple – This is all about living/eating Primal. MuscleHack – How to get ripped, including building that six-pack. LeanGains – Intermittent Fasting, nutrition, and training. High quality material. Spirituality Stormented – My buddy Jonathan Stormant’s Christian perspectives. Nerdlets – Where the Bible and technology meet. Technology… Read More »

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wordpress plugins

For those interested, here is a list of WordPress plugins I use for the site (listed alphabetically). WordPress Audio Player: Provides a sleek flash player for all my mp3 links. (example) Fallen Media Filter: Lets me embed pretty much any type of video or audio I would like with shortcodes. Old, but effective. (example) Google… Read More »

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facebook connect testing

For some while now, my blog has been able to accept comments via OpenID. That means, if you have an account with Blogger, WordPress.com, LiveJournal, Yahoo, Flickr, MySpace, or any other OpenID provider, you can use that website address to leave comments without providing your Name or e-mail to the blog. Most of my readers… Read More »

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blog list for WordPress

Since I’ve been blogging over the past 3-4 years, I’ve looked at several different software solutions. I’ve stayed with WordPress because it is simple and intuitive, but also allows me to maintain whatever level of control I desire through plugins and access to the code itself. Nonetheless, Google’s Blogger offers a lot of nifty features,… Read More »

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