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My On-Air discussion with JD Wells about Ron Paul’s foreign policy

Yours truly speaking with JD Wells on The Wells Report, 660 KSKY:

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The Party’s Over?

A Party in Danger Last week, the news was aflutter with Rick Perrys withdrawal from the presidential race. This week, the big story is Newt Gingrichs victory in South Carolina. If we are to believe the mainstream media channels and the pundit consensus, we may be in for Round 2 of Obama vs. Anyone-But-Obama. Round… Read More »


Campaign Issues, Vol. I: Ron Paul and bin Laden

On May 11, Ron Paul gave an interview with WHO Newsradio 1040 in which he stated that he would not have ordered the bin Laden raid to occur “the way it took place in Pakistan”: This is a problem for a lot of people; it leaves them with the idea that Paul would prefer bin… Read More »


wordpress plugins

For those interested, here is a list of WordPress plugins I use for the site (listed alphabetically). WordPress Audio Player: Provides a sleek flash player for all my mp3 links. (example) Fallen Media Filter: Lets me embed pretty much any type of video or audio I would like with shortcodes. Old, but effective. (example) Google… Read More »

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friday hello

Just an audio dedication to those of my friends whom I’ve not seen in awhile. (Yes, this is a pretty terrible, one-off recording.) Happy Friday. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] for you smartphone people

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