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My name is Lloyd. I’m a 30 year-old trying to carve out a path in the world.

Jesus of Nazareth is my Lord and always will be. I would love to tell you about Him. He has done so much for me, and He loves you more than you can imagine.

I enjoy traveling and studying foreign languages. I have lived in the U.S.A., Japan, and Greece. I can speak french semi-fluently, spanish conversationally, and I dabble in many other languages.

I prefer Linux for desktops, Mac for laptops, and begrudgingly I still have a hard drive with XP on it for gaming.

I’m a decent singer and a horrible dancer. My best sport is ping-pong. I enjoy rock climbing. In the average conversation I will say “your mom” at least 3 times.

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  1. Vad fint ni har haft det. Verkar inte gått någon nöd på någon av er. Inatt drar vi norrut. Hoppas få till någon tur eller två i Stockholms skärgård.

  2. SUCH a great song!I wish summer wasn’t ending so I could do all those things too. I did nothing with this summer. If I could make a list as fabulous as that maybe summer wouldn’t leave me now.

  3. à°…à°¯ిà°¤ే à°¸ుà°œాà°¤ à°—ాà°°ు, à°’à°• à°ªుà°¸్తకాà°¨్à°¨ి మనకు ఇష్à°Ÿం వచ్à°šినట్à°Ÿు చదవలేà°®ు à°…à°¨్నమాà°Ÿ. à°•్à°²ాà°¸ిà°•్‌à°²ు అనబడే à°ªుà°¸్తకాలను à°µాà°Ÿి à°…à°­ిà°®ాà°¨ుà°²ు à°¨ిà°°ేà°¶ింà°šినట్à°Ÿే చదవాలన్నమాà°Ÿ. à°…à°¯ిà°¤ే à°®ీà°°ు à°šెà°ª్à°ªినట్à°Ÿు à°®ాà°¯ాబజాà°°్ à°…ందరిà°•ీ నచ్à°šే à°¤ీà°°ాà°²ి నచ్à°šà°¨ిà°µాà°³్à°³ు à°‰ంà°¡à°•ూà°¡à°¦ు.

  4. Oppussing tar mye tid og energi – og uforutsette utfordringer som dukker opp underveis er vel regelen… :-) Tror vi overlever om du tar en bloggpause – blir spennende Ã¥ se resultatet:-)

  5. I was searching one day and found a really neat website where they made custom designed entertainment centers and shelving units that were sent to you unassembled to put together on your own. They were wood, numerous finish choices, appeared high quality. Now that I have the money, I can not locate the website. Anyone know the name of the company and/or the wesite?

  6. “we shouldn’t pay attention to the minor fluctuations in the stock market” I didn’t realize constant falling was a fluctuation. We are in for a very rough ride. I can only hope the people who voted for this clown get everything they deserve.

  7. (Pierre Assouline, merci pour Le Caravage et maintenant pour De Staël …. il y a comme cela des peintres qui coïncident au plus précis avec une sensibilité .. quand il s’agit de la sienne propre, c’est un étrange sentiment de pouvoir exister que l’on ressent, un quelque chose d’irrationnel qui n’a que faire du temps qui s’écoule .. et c’est bien au-delà de la reconnaissance en terme de valeur marchande ou d’inscription dans l’histoire de l’art que l’on devrait en être reconnaissant et le manifester à ces artistes .. )

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  9. Naps on the Porch; Make Ahead Meals for Busy Moms; Skip to My Lou; Sugar Bee Crafts; Hope Studios; A Bowl Full of Lemons; Carolyn’s Homework; Mandy’s Recipe Box; Filed Under: Chocolate, Everyday,

  10. What i don’t realize is in reality how you are now not actually a lot more well-favored than you might be right now. You’re so intelligent. You know therefore considerably on the subject of this topic, made me for my part believe it from numerous numerous angles. Its like women and men are not involved except it’s something to accomplish with Lady gaga! Your own stuffs nice. At all times handle it up!

  11. Robert, they vary. It can be up into the authors. Numerous of the letters developing are handwritten, or hand-notated, it truly is about 50 % and 50 %. However the majority of the initial letters were typed. The fourth letter was a comic.

  12. I love my hot tools curling iron too! I have the 1" and I have never been able to find anything that curls my hair better! Your hair looks great :)

  13. Zajímavé, takže nakonec přeci by došlo na soud jak jsem předpokládal. Bohužel už jsme zapoměl, u jaké představy liberalismu jste skončil, zda u celistvých komunit se společným územím nebo celosvětových komunit kde byhc se mohl přihlásit k jaké chci. V prvním případě bych se tedy musel přestěhovat, najmout dobrého právníka nebo podplatit soudce, v druhém by stačilo změnit komunitu a tamté žaloby bych se zbavil, skvělé.

  14. Ååååå, den ble fin. Holder på med samme, men har strikka feil på ryggen :gaah: Men gleder meg til den er ferdig. Jeg strikker i eskimo

  15. case you missed it, yesterday I was more than a bit pissed off at Amazon AWS S3. Actually, I hope you did miss it, because I was wrong and they were right, and I

  16. Joo ehottomasti kysyin oikealta henkilöltä ja eipä turhaa oo muotibloggariksi itteesä Laura kehunut! :)Löytyi toki pientä inhokkiakin tuolta, mutta suurin osa oli joko niitä mitä itse oli kauan halunnut, muttei tyyliä ainakaan vielä muuttanut (ehkä puuttui se rohkaiseva taputus selkään) TAI sitten todella hienoja uusia ideoita pukeutumiseen!Kiitos suuresti <3- Tiedät kyllä kuka- Pekka (otettakoot iha tää nyt käyttöön nickinä)

  17. Awesome to see you guys doing 10 Mile and then Elbert. I was doing that back in '91-'92 (my god, 20 years ago) and just loving it. Love that part of the world, though loving Alaska now, too. We may not have the abundance of 14'ers, but the wifey and I do some 8-9k a week pretty easily in Chugach and Talkeetna ranges. Still, if I had to choose between there and here, man, I don't know. Good luck with Nolan's, have fun.

  18. if a man is having an affair and shows no signs of deceit or guilt?then obviously he must not feel bad about what he is doing to his wife or marriage, wouldn’t you say that is true. how could you ever trust someone like that. if an affair last for almost a year, wouldn’t you say it’s more than just sexual. there were emotions involved too. his response to not showing any signs of guilt was not wanting me to find out. how immature, of course he didn’t want me to find out, what’s your opinion.

  19. I love this closet. I love that Gloria walks inside and feels like it's "her" space. I do the same thing with my closet!!As soon as I enter it, I feel better.

  20. An excellent biography on David Edward Hughes was published in 2011. It includes the early history of the child performers (Hughes, I. (2011). Before We Went Wireless: David Edward Hughes, FRS: His Life, Inventions, and Discoveries (1829-1900). Bennington, Vt: Images from the Past.). Two grandsons of Margaret Hughes, the youngest member of the group, attended Yale. Edwin Grant Burrows (Yale M.A. 1933, Ph.D. 1937) was a professor of Anthropology, specializing in music at the University of Connecticut. Millar Burrows (Yale Ph.D. 1925) was the Winkley Professor of Biblical Theology, Yale Divinity School from 1935 to 1958.

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  23. Got a blow torch in that drawer? That would kill off the zombies. A machete works as well. Excellent for a first- time Swap post. You are no longer a virgin in the SSS and I hope to see you in the upcoming ones!Menopausalmother recently posted…

  24. Façam comentários mais engraçados, uma gaja tão gira e voçês a darem-lhe com a ideologia aparentemente com trejeitos Gays.Queriam é que a senhora fosse cá ministra até se riam….

  25. I just want to join with all the compliments – Mono-D has the best auto-completion of all other IDEs. As that is one of the most important features for me (together with refactoring which I would put as #1 feature of any modern IDE). Speaking about refactoring – I know it is pretty complicated thing to do, but do you have any plans to work on it?

  26. Here am I….wondering which coat and boots to put on today and what I'm going to wear for Christmas and you show me this wonderful location and beautiful summery clothes Deej !!!! Beautiful images and you've warmed me up a treat !! XXXX

  27. I experimented with viewing your blog on my mobile phone and the format does not seem to be correct. Might wanna check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cell phone layouts are not working with your site.

  28. Petter jag håller med dig i sak, men Rami var ju med i en tävling här. Jag tycker väldigt många fokuserar för lite på att han bara skitit i en tävling han hoppat in i och som säkerligen inte varit gratis. Något är skumt i hur vissa väljer att se det här. Utan Kimuras artikel igår hade det här aldrig kommit fram. Rami har skött det oproffsigt.

  29. Naja, die neue Oberfläche spricht dafür, dass es neue Software gibt. Ich meine das auch irgendwo gelesen zu haben. Ärgerlich nur, dass solche extremen Bugs vorher nicht getestet wurden.

  30. La drepresión y la ansiedad me superan. Yo tengo el dolor de muelas y el catarro aunque su origen no sea el mismo. Es horrible vivir sumido en la angustia y ansiedad todo el día. Mi vida ahora mismo no sirve para nada mas que para hacerme sufrir día a día. Me siento muy miserable.

  31. Beren,Celà montre surtout l’égo démesuré d’un individu niais et sans culture, qui n’hésite pas à aller dégrader un lieu protégé dont il n’a que faire, plutôt que de visiter son double parfait.

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  33. Very relevant and thoughtful post Pradeep ! The word should spread to every part of the country and must stop this cruelty towards children once and for all ! Keep up the good work !

  34. Lucas 59264 09 avr 2012, 17h56 j’hésite a acheter BF3 ou MW3 mais je penche plutot sur BF3 pour l’instant car pour l’instant plus de monde le préférent pourier vous me dire lequel est (le mieux).

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  37. To get the pattern to fit back into the original envelope, all you have to do is gently iron the paper with a barely warm iron. Forget the original folds. Just fold it so it will fit.

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