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My name is Lloyd. I’m a 30 year-old trying to carve out a path in the world.

Jesus of Nazareth is my Lord and always will be. I would love to tell you about Him. He has done so much for me, and He loves you more than you can imagine.

I enjoy traveling and studying foreign languages. I have lived in the U.S.A., Japan, and Greece. I can speak french semi-fluently, spanish conversationally, and I dabble in many other languages.

I prefer Linux for desktops, Mac for laptops, and begrudgingly I still have a hard drive with XP on it for gaming.

I’m a decent singer and a horrible dancer. My best sport is ping-pong. I enjoy rock climbing. In the average conversation I will say “your mom” at least 3 times.

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  1. I’m not sure what is supposed to be preposterous:1. That such an artifact is considered genuine?2. That is should be worth $10 million? (Where did that number come from?)3. That the court ruled against the museum?4. That Great Neck has relocated itself to New Jersey?

  2. Pat,Grandmother was from Bari, Grandfather was from Avelino. It sounded like they were speaking two different languages to each other. Not that the kids understood any of it, anyway. :)

  3. Información Upnews.es …Valora en – Hay muchos padres que nos preguntan, este nombre que nos gusta ¿Lo grabáis mucho en vuestros chupetes personalizados? ¿Sabéis si está de moda?. Pues bien con este post, os sacamos de dudas … …

  4. I think it's also worth mentioning that Joss Whedon shows, or 'Buffy', tends to employ certain actors for minor roles and then expand those on intuition. So a black Spike might not have survived as long … or he might have. We'll never know.

  5. Whoever has this problem , just use a blackberry charger , it should start up the phone within 3 seconds. This is pretty sucky though. Happens to me when i use my phone till the battery is completely dead. But a blackberry charger should get it fired up

  6. I soo soo want a trampoline for my kids!! I would be playing on it too!! For my child’s third birthday we are getting him a kiddie pool and filling it with 300 ball pit balls, and if 300 is not enough, we’ll by more to fill up the thing and make it fun!

  7. This is the right PS Vita gets second firmware update, nixes software bugs | My Blog diary for anyone who wants to assay out out some this topic. You attending so some its nigh exhausting to represent with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new prolong on a substance thats been typed almost for life. Nice clog, simply eager!

  8. Je pense que tout le monde a sa place dans la blogosphère et que c’est normal d’avoir des phases de moins bien vis-à-vis de son blog… Prends le temps de la réflexion et à bientôt ;-)Le dernier [type] .. de Youggie

  9. He was openly making a political point and did not wear a mask or do it in the middle of the night.As Rosa Parks “broke the law”, Mr. Broussard may have infringed on some statute.Both (just as with The Boston Tea Party’s “lawbreakers”) were trying to rouse the conscience of the sleepwalkers in America to what is slowly happening to their country.The point:If Mexico is superior, then go live there.If not, join this country and believe in it.Insulting it will only get more of this kind of “civil disobedience”.More power to him.

  10. Made this tonight – used chicken broth instead of vegetable, sugar snap peas instead of green beans, and added chicken. The sugar snap peas give it a delightful hint of sweetness. LOVE the biscuit topping. This is really delicious.

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