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new addictions

So it’s been a minute. Actually, it’s been a lot of minutes, and days — and it turns out the last time I posted anything here was 4 months ago. I promise there’s a good reason: I’ve been a busy bee.

There was a time when that really meant I was playing a lot of video games and sleeping in late and generally getting nothing useful done, but not anymore! Old addictions fell to new ones, and here I am getting my crap together like a real grown-up.

Old Addictions

Old Addictions

New Addictions

New Addictions

No one wants to read the boring details, so I’ll share what’s up and speculate about future time of which I’ve no guarantee.

the things:
  • Japanese: As you may know, my brother and his family live just outside of Tokyo now. Long story short, I’ve finally gotten serious about picking up the language. Estimated time to functional fluency is January 2015.
  • Fitness: Circa 2007, my brother got married. Pictures were taken, and holy mess, I was chubby! A great many wild goose chases, fallings-off-the-wagon, self-esteem battles, and reboots later, I finally have a handle on how nutrition works. Much progress has been made around the mid-section and in the weight room. Shreddedness, here I come.
  • Church: I hate to use a phrase with so much baggage as “church”, but I’m in a community where that is happening. My closest friends are from the singles group of the congregation I attend. We screw it up just like anyone else, except a lot is totally not-screwed-up. We are climbing rocks, and studying, and playing soccer, and cleaning messes, and singing… and generally living life together. There is a level of intimacy and shared experience that is sorely lacking. I’m not just talking about churches, either. It’s nice when someone knows what’s up because they saw my face and not my facebook.
  • Work: I have a real job now, and I love it. I do not dread going in the morning, like, ever. The days of my vagabonding are behind me (at least in remission) and I’m content with that. Programming and problem-solving and being let loose on whatever projects I want — it’s nice. Beyond that, the company treats me better than I could possibly have hoped.

So there’s the biggest chunks of my time in a nutshell. I’m migrating the blog to a personal journal of the non-emotional-vomit variety. Should be a little less talk and a lot more action. Wait… maybe the opposite? More posts.

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  1. What do you do for work again?

  2. I do programming/operations support for a small oil company in Plano. How on earth did you know I even posted here? and… belated happy birthday!

  3. Thanks! I added you to my RSS a long time ago. :)

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