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wordpress plugins

For those interested, here is a list of WordPress plugins I use for the site (listed alphabetically).

  • WordPress Audio Player: Provides a sleek flash player for all my mp3 links. (example)
  • Fallen Media Filter: Lets me embed pretty much any type of video or audio I would like with shortcodes. Old, but effective. (example)
  • Google Analytics for WordPress: Posts my Analytics code properly so I don’t have to edit every time I change themes.
  • Header and Footer: Allows me to place custom code in my header and footer so I don’t have to edit every time I change themes. Right now I use it to link my Pavatar on the off chance I visit a site that actually incorporates it.
  • OpenID: Incorporates an OpenID provider and consumer into my blog. I can sign in/comment on other websites using my blog as an OpenID, and you can leave comments with yours. This requires XRDS-Simple, so I have that installed too. I used phpMyID at one time, but it did not allow my blog to be a consumer.
  • Simple Facebook Connect: Allows you to leave comments via your Facebook profile. This plugin contains many modules for additional functionality.
  • Simple Twitter Connect: Allows you to leave comments via your Twitter account. This plugin also contains modules for additional functionality.
  • Spam Karma 2: This plugin hasn’t been in development for over two years, yet it still dominates at separating the wheat from the chaff.
  • Subscribe to Comments: Allows users to receive e-mail updates to comment replies.
  • WP Social Blogroll: This is a great feed-reading blogroll for WordPress. It duplicates the functionality found in Blogger’s sidebar.
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