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29 Goals

It occurs to me that in five days, I will turn 29. I’ve been looking forward to 29 for awhile now; I have a weird obsession with prime numbers, and I always feel like it’s going to be a great year when my age is prime. In honor of that, (and also the fact that this will be the last year of my 20s), I’ve set 29 personal goals I’d like to achieve before the big 3-0.

These are just presented in the order I wrote them down:

  1. Read the Bible all the way through.
  2. Translate one of the shorter books of the New Testament from Greek.
  3. Get my weight down to 175lbs.
  4. Run a 7:30 mile.
  5. Bench my own weight.
  6. Have at least one immediate neighbor visit my apartment.
  7. Visit Japan.
  8. Take the GRE.
  9. Read twelve books.
  10. Host a single day LOTR movie marathon.
  11. Write a short story.
  12. Write a song.
  13. Take a road trip somewhere west of Texas.
  14. Play at an open mic night.
  15. Cook a legitimate three course meal for someone(s).
  16. Ride the city bus for at least an hour.
  17. Complete a two-day solo hike.
  18. Wake up to see the sun rise once a month.
  19. Take care of/keep from killing a plant for at least three months.
  20. See the Grand Canyon.
  21. Spend a night sleeping on my porch.
  22. Convince someone to walk around with me in the pouring rain.
  23. See a big college football or NFL game.
  24. Pay off my credit card (and thereby be debt-free).
  25. Perform fifty consecutive push-ups.
  26. Sing karaoke solo.
  27. Have lunch with a professor from my alma mater.
  28. Enter a ping pong tournament.
  29. Learn all the words to “Ice Ice Baby”.

So that’s it, folks. If you’ve got any better suggestions and think one of mine should be replaced, you’d better get it in before Tuesday. : )

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