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facebook connect testing

For some while now, my blog has been able to accept comments via OpenID. That means, if you have an account with Blogger, WordPress.com, LiveJournal, Yahoo, Flickr, MySpace, or any other OpenID provider, you can use that website address to leave comments without providing your Name or e-mail to the blog.

Most of my readers come from Facebook, though, and leave comments on the imported notes there. Now, they can leave comments straight on the blog via Facebook Connect (thanks to Otto‘s amazing Simple Facebook Connect plugins). Just by using the “connect with Facebook” button, you can log in via facebook to leave comments. This will also allow you to publish your comments to your feed, if you choose.

If anyone is willing to test this comment system for me, feel free to give it a go on this post.



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  1. testing testing, 1 2 3.

  2. Check…

  3. Glad it’s working for you. Let me know if you have any issues!

  4. as bad as Hideki Matsui.

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