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good times

Today, I was looking through my old Middle School yearbook and remembering how thankful I am that I never have to go back to 13. Here are my favorite quotes from those who signed my book:

“U Better not be squirtin brain Juice all-over! Don’t let your Brain overload with smartness! My speech was better than yours Remember This quote!” – Ebony

“Have a nice summer and don’t bother me!” – Tanya

“Hey Lloyd (Nerd) How life? Stay Smart Nerd, (Sike) [indistinguishable signoff] – BabyFace (I do remember that this was a guy)

“Don’t show anyone my pic. k? Have a nice life” – Tina

And… the photos.



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  1. Yeah, but wouldn’t it be fun to go back to that stage of life with all of your accumulated knowledge & life experience and just totally PWN other people intellectually. I think about the confidence I could have as a 13 year-old man child.

    In fact, I think I’d devote myself to golf. That’s what I’d do. I think I could actually make myself a professional golfer. ;)

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