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halloween funsies

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated, and I’m getting back on track here. Thanks for caring, though!

I decided to carve some pumpkins for Halloween this year, and here are the results:

Run o' the mill scary pumpkin.

Run o' the mill scary pumpkin.

The official Ron Paul 2012 Jack-o-lantern

The fantastic Ron Paul Jack-o-lantern

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  1. Nice Ron Paul jack-o-lantern.

    What plug-in do I need to download to watch the video/thing at the bottom?

  2. Okay, here’s what I think…

    Whenever God comes back, and we’re doing the whole Judgment Day thing, and God is rolling tape on ALL of our lives, aren’t we all just going to start howling at you when this part plays on the big screen? :)

  3. lol… maybe for spending that much time on a pumpkin ; )

  4. I love the pumpkins! That is practically professional!

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