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a new friend

make new friends, but keep the old.  Those are silver, these are gold.


We need to talk. I don’t know how you’re going to react to this, but I made a choice and I want to be honest with you. I met somebody new. It’s not what you think; don’t be upset! I’m not giving up on us, I just want to talk to new people. I really hope we can work this out.

Remember when we first met? It was in Greece. Things were great. I was so young, and you had so much to share. Your green and white cover was so attractive. You smelled nice. When you taught me the difference between proclitics and enclitics, I couldn’t believe how smart you were. Remember movable Nu? Good times. Even through aorist participles and the six rules of accents, you were so patient with me. You even dedicated your work to your mother. You’re so thoughtful. You’re part of who I am today.

I’ll admit, I haven’t taken care of you like I should have. I didn’t decorate you like some of my friends. I don’t even know where your cover is now, but I kept you taped up as best I could. You’re still wearing food and soda as a testament to our late night rendezvous. Whenever someone spoke poorly of you, I stood up for you! I still do. There aren’t many who could understand you — no — love you… not like I do. The feelings are still strong after all these years.

The other day, I wandered into a class. I just wanted to feel like I was in the game again, you know? I wanted to have that thirst, and watch the new players beginning the journey. You aren’t even there anymore. Can you believe that? They’ve got this new kid — an old student of yours. I’ll admit it; I enjoyed seeing someone younger give it a shot. The words are the same, but the tune is different. It’s not bad… the talent is there. Don’t hate me, Gresham. You spent time with plenty of others and I never held you to myself. If anything, I introduced you to whomever I could. You taught me well, too. Five years later, the lessons remain solid.

I’m going to be talking to the new kid. Don’t think it means that I’ve forgotten you, or that you mean less to me! This isn’t the end, it’s just a new addition to the family. Can you accept that?

Whenever you need me, I’ll be right here. After all, you’ve always been there for me.







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  1. So funny :)

    I’m the same way. I have another Greek grammar book. A superior version in many ways. But if I’m looking for something specific, I go back to my taped-up old buddy, Machen.

  2. If I had written more than one of these letters, would they be “so funny’s? ; ) Let the war begin!

  3. You’re a dork

    If you’d combined two separate funny elements into one single blog entry, then you would then be able to label that post as that particular day’s “Funny’s.”

  4. The only point of the apostrophe is to indicate possession or a contraction. So “Funny’s” can be either

    (a) the possession of someone named Funny


    (b) a contraction meaning “Funny is” or “Funny was.”

    You will not win this battle, old friend.

  5. heh, I almost posted that as the graphic instead, but I knew you’d be the only one to get it :-)

  6. What a blast from the past. You’re funny, but I do have a question. What are you doing back in Searcy, and why are you retaking Greek?

  7. Good to see you, Storment! I am back in Searcy working on the MMin program. I’m not re-taking greek, I just sat in on a class the other day for fun and they were using this textbook. I have a slight addiction, so I bought it.

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