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I must say, It’s a nice day

I may not have missed the actual work part of college (except greek and hebrew, of course), but I did miss the atmosphere here at Harding.

I can’t say school is the same this time around, exactly. I have an apartment instead of living in a dorm. I don’t have to go to chapel. I’m older than most everyone out here.

Some things haven’t changed, though. I’m still playing ping pong and frisbee golf. C team softball games are still fun to watch, and the front lawn is still packed on an early fall afternoon (though last time I was here, it definitely wasn’t rigged for WiFi).

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I’m ready for a nap.

me on the front lawn

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  1. Also you have a beard

  2. That I do. When are you going to trade in that goatee for a full one? You’ll be a Dad soon, after all : )

  3. I wish I could, but I don’t think I could grow a full beard … then again I haven’t really tried. I just feel like my facial hair isn’t conducive to it. Like, I have spots w/o hair and all.

  4. The weird thing for me in remaining around Searcy was that I could go to the same places, with the same events, around the same large body of people, but all of a sudden, there were less familiar faces. I could walk in to chapel, and in every respect it was still chapel, but I kept looking around, thinking, “Where is everybody?”

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