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i met miss vickie at subway

Since I’ve arrived in Searcy, I’ve developed a good working relationship with my local Subway. The staff recognize me now and have made fun of my sunburn, going so far as to chide me not to get burnt again last weekend. I like it there.

The main reason for my patronage is that every day, they offer the “wrap of the day” at only $2.69. You can also order a fresh fit meal if you wish, for which the total comes to $4. I like Wednesdays because that is when they offer the Veggie Delite wrap. I’m not quite sure why that isn’t a perennial “wrap of the day,” since it is the same as any other wrap, minus the meat. I’ve been tempted to order the daily wrap and have them leave off the meat, but I digress.

This week I noticed that they put a sign up, advertising a new flavor of Miss Vickie’s chips (buttermilk ranch). Let me give credit to my Canadian friend Dan (not my old roommate, for those who know him) at church because he told me all about these chips from Canada. They are kettle-cooked, which is a northern thing, I guess (thanks, Sara).

I usually don’t even eat chips anymore because I’m trying to eat healthier, get in shape, and rid my body of the chemicals that reside in so many of our foods. However, I feel pretty good about recommending Miss Vickie’s buttermilk ranch chips, for a few reasons. First, they are delicious. I’m going to have to be careful not to go buy a cart-load from Kroger and chow down all night. Second, they contain no HCFC. This means that I’ve found a tasty chip that I can feel comfortable indulging in moderation.

Thank you Canada, for contributing this great snack food to our society, and for having a very catchy national anthem.


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  1. you have shorter hair and no beard….


  2. Chicks dig the babyface…

    I’ll have to look these chips up

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