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we will not be ashamed

I just watched the most horrible little commercial while waiting for Colbert to get started. It’s an ad campaign put out by our friends at amp energy drink. If you want to see the ad, it’s on their website under the “Ad” section, surprisingly enough. The premise is simple… many post college age young adults are waking up in bed. Their partner is, ostensibly, asleep. The lyrics to the catchy tune inform us that these people do not know one another, nor do they even remember what happened the night before. But, the refrain gives us hope: “We will not be ashamed!” These folks won’t be ashamed to be seen wearing the same clothes as yesterday, because who cares? Random one night stands are just fine. No need to be ashamed!

Seriously? At least the cigarette companies give health warnings. But amp doesn’t even throw out a “hey kids, don’t have random sex! It will harm your psyche and possibly your body as well!” No, the rousing chorus soothes us and gives us the comfort that we can do whatever we want without shame.

I don’t know if any of you have seen the movie, “The Devil’s Advocate” in which Keanu Reeves plays a conscience-laden lawyer pursuing success, and Al Pacino plays the role of Satan. It comes on TV (TBS, or something) on a fairly regular basis, so through half hour chunks here and there, I’ve seen the whole thing. In one of the closing scenes, Satan reveals that his overall plan is to use the United States legal system to abolish the concept of guilt altogether. He argues that the abundance of unworthy acquittals will be so odious to God and His servants that both He and they will be choked out of Heaven’s stronghold.

Ever since I heard that monologue, I’ve been impressed with the genius of the argument. Satan says he will fight God by giving everyone a verdict of innocence. On the one hand, you can take his side and say that God’s commands are burdensome and too judgmental. Satan wins a soul. On the other, you can say that all who sin must pay the penalty in full. Justice must be done! Again, Satan retains a soul. We must recognize that the will of God is that no one should perish… He, too, wants everyone to be pronounced innocent! The difference, of course, is in the method. Satan wants us to reject law altogether. Paul makes it clear that God does not support this method. Rather, He wants us to take on the righteousness of Christ so that He can present us truly blameless.

So back to our commercial, amp energy drink would have us throw off the shackles of shame… and trade them for those of a sinful lifestyle. Never mind that these people can’t even remember what ‘fun’ they had the night before. Never mind that they will regret these decisions when the time comes for them to commit to their true mate. We will not be ashamed, indeed.

May we all reach the point where we will not be ashamed. If we are in Jesus the messiah, there will be no condemnation for us at all.

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  1. yeah… lame. Interestingly, Dr. Earl Edwards (Terry’s dad) thinks that the Man of Lawlessness is basically evil personified. And “what now restrains him” is the general idea of law and order. Once those have been removed, evil will come to its greatest point and will only be destroyed by the coming of Jesus.

  2. i think the commercial is hilarious and i actually got to this site trying to get the lyrics for it so i can sing a little toon to all my friends.

  3. Well, obviously from my post, we have different points of view on it. I just did a google search myself and was shocked to find that this site came up first on anything.

    Since you commented, can I ask you a question? You said you thought the commercial was hilarious, so I would guess you maintain one of two positions. Either (a) you do not find casual sex to be a moral wrong, or (b) you do think casual sex is a moral wrong, but you see this commercial as funny anyway because it is intended for humor. Just out of curiosity, which one is it for you?

  4. (BTW, I did not write the post above – I just read this today)

    Wow … so here’s the thing – I don’t think casual sex is morally wrong, though I do think there are some important practical hazards such that the commercial isn’t particularly funny –

    But your post strikes me as a false dichotomy – “the commands of God are too rigorous/have no shame” – I think there’s a third option … “the commands of god are morally wrong” – right? Or is there no room for disagreement?


  5. Sorry for the belated reply, my old friend :) I’ve neglected to check the blog for comments over the past few days.

    The possibility that “the commands of God are morally wrong” is certainly a third conceivable option, but not one which I would be willing to consider without some serious backing.

    That having been said, even in Judeo-Christian circles, that argument is not unknown. There is an article on Job (the author escapes me at the moment) in which the thesis is that Job’s circumstances demand that God is either not all-knowing, all-powerful, or all-good.

    While I embrace the concept of God as all-good, my underlying source for morality is also God. So in that framework it would be impossible for me to perceive something originating from God as immoral. Such is my commitment to that notion that I would question whether an obviously immoral command came from God at all.

  6. Well…I Thought The Commericial Was Funny…I Actually Liked It…No Matter What People Are Always Gonna Have Differnet Opinions And Viewpoints About Things…The World Couldn’t Exist If It Didn’t…And I’m Not Going To Even Bring God Into It. Basically, Everyone Has Been & Will Keep Living By Their Own Morals, Standards, And Values They Were Before The Commercial And They Will After. The Commericial Just Depicted Something That Happens Around The World Each & Everyday…We See It All The Time In Movies, Big Deal…NOT!!!

  7. a lot of people agree with you, including me, but unfortunately it is the case.

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