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which one of these doesn’t look like the other?

These are some screenshots I’ve picked up on facebook over the past week or so. I thought this arrangement was interesting.

picture 5picture 4
picture 2picture 1

Good to know facebook and true.com have my best interest at heart.

If you’re up for more poignant sermonizing — consider the lesson above, little Christian. May we all tread boldly, lest the body of Christ be rendered a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

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  1. Hey now, a Christian woman can be hot and easy… wait. Nevermind. Scratch the last….

  2. Hi!I know you don’t know me, someone gave this blog to me and thought of dropping by. Anyway, it’s just cute to discuss about attaractive Christian woman. I’m just really not sure about the “hot” word. It may really depends on the meaning implied of the speaker.

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