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Hello, readers of my blog. In eleven short hours, the final Harry Potter book will be released. I’ve hidden my eyes from any mention of Harry Potter except mugglenet in fear that my cherished hours of revelation would be spoiled. I’m really excited to hear how the story ends, but very sad that it will be over. No more lengthy discussions on whether or not Snape is evil. No more waiting for the next book to arrive with fevered anticipation, or looking on J.K.’s website to see if she will drop any clues. No more devouring each new book without self-control like some famished animal that hasn’t eaten in days. J.K., I doubt you’ll ever read this blog, but thank you so much for a fantastic run and a renewed appreciation for modern authors. I’ve been completely impressed. But for now, like someone enjoying their last hours with a spouse before separation or death, I’ll throw my sadness aside and indulge once more, for this will surely be the end of one of the best literary experiences to be enjoyed for a long while to come.

And, for the record, I will give my predictions of what will happen in the final book.

1. Ron or Hermione will die. One saving the other. My bet is that Ron will try to be the hero, but Hermione will end up taking the fall. I hope I’m wrong and that they both live.

2. Dumbledore will be resurrected in some fashion. I think he’ll likely make an entrance back into the world of the living from the Veil in the Department of Mysteries.

3. I hold out that Snape is good. Harry will actually love him before it’s all over.

4. Draco Malfoy will fight for the right side in the end. I think Narcissa will end up killing Lucius to defend Draco.

5. Voldemort will pull a Vader and reclaim his identity as Tom at the last minute. He will face death willingly with Dumbledore as his guide.

6. This is a hard one, I think, but Harry will live. And, so will Neville.

7. Peeves will accost or possibly kill a Dementor.

8. Fred and George will both end up being teachers.

9. Hagrid will become the head of Gryffindor.

These are probably all wrong, but these are my guesses. See you at the midnight release party. : )

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  1. Hm, interesting predictions. If Hermione dies, I will be angry. If Ron dies, I will only be appeased if Harry and Hermione start dating. It was meant ….. to beeeee.

  2. Gee…I wish I understand even HALF of what you are talking about here. Guess I would have to actually READ the stinkin’ Harry Potter books to get it, huh?? :-) eh…nah. i’ll go without knowing on this one for now. :-) love you!!! :-)

  3. They cant bring Dumbledore back..the man that played his character in the movie is really dead in real life…so who will play him in the movie?

  4. Amy…The original Dumbledore died, yes, but Michael Gambon (the current umbledore) is very much alive :)

  5. Interesting predicitons Lloyd very interesting

  6. nice new look. the only thing that could top it off would be a new blog.

  7. interesting. i have not read the latest which is very odd for me. I think your predictions are very good!

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