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breakfast at what-a-burger

There’s nothing like sitting at What-a-Burger, eating breakfast, and telling stories to 20 or so of your most loyal readers. (okay, 20 is an overestimate, and by ‘loyal’, I mean ‘only’). But thank goodness for free Wi Fi. I suggest you stop by sometime, and grab a burger or a milkshake. For fast food, you can’t beat the milkshakes here.


For those who don’t know, I’ve just taken a new position at my job as a supervisor. I’ve also recently volunteered to take the graveyard shift so that I can go to church on Wednesday nights. This means that I’ll be working a fixed shift, Tuesday – Saturday from 9:30pm to 6:00am every week. So, I find myself here eating breakfast and enjoying some people watching on a cloudy Saturday morning.

In May, Leslie and Sara came to visit. They brought rats. Leslie bought a Nintendo Wii while he was here. Those are addictive. We also played Goofy Golf with my Mom and Dad. I’m not sure who won, but it was the most fun I’ve had with the fam in a long time. It’s recommended. Sara is the best sister-in-law I could’ve asked for. I hope I do as well as Leslie did in the wife department. Of the wife store. That they have. Yesss.

Other things that are new: We have a summer youth intern named Thomas. I’m very excited about that already. We like to eat together and sometimes deal out some ownage in Taboo. He’s developing his ping-pong skills nicely (we all know that’s crucial, right? RIGHT?) Also he’s convinced me to buy a frisbee golf disc. I shall learn this game.

My friend Beulah is coming to visit me at the end of this month, so I’m pretty stoked about that. Our current plans involve the zoo, the beach, and lots of Home Movies and King of the Hill.

I’m going to go home now and watch some Saturday morning cartoons. Then I’m going to go to bed. Happy Saturday everyone.

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  1. Lloyd! You should post bulletins on Myspace more often whenever you write these blogs…or maybe you do, and I just haven’t seen them because I don’t check Myspace very often. Do you know that same Sara Vaughn that I do? The one who goes to school in Alabama? That’s kind of cool. Lastly, I think you should play Guitar Hero if you haven’t yet, or maybe just come over to the house sometime and play one of the numerous guitars laying around on one of the excessively large tube amps just for the sake of making so much noise that everyone in or near the house is obliged to listen.
    Somehow Guitar Hero is what I think of when I hear anything relating to video games now. Take it easy.



  2. thanx for the shoutout man!! tomorrow is golf, next monday mornin is disc golf. Great times for the summer ahead!!

  3. yes, Jacob. Same Sara Vaughn :) How’s that for sibilance?

    Lloyd, What-a-burger and wi-fi are both fantastic. However, the cookies and cream shakes at Chik-fil-a are loads better than anything at Whataburger.

  4. wow, what-a-burger is really trying to go upscale! Gotta love what-a-burger!! I have been in some that were so disgusting I never wanted to eat there again and others that were super nice. So I keep going. :) Anyway, glad to know things are going well for you. Check out our recent happenings on our blog. Only 54 days til our birthday…

  5. ahoy! you there! sorry i missed your call, but i say it is high time you wrote yourself another blog. thanks, and goodnight

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