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My throat hates me. The last few days it’s been pretty sore, but I’m praying that it’s on the upswing. In any case, yesterday I took one of my rare sick days, and today is my day off. Hence, I present you with a new post.

Last week we had a seminar of sorts at my Church. This resulted in me being at Chris’ house pretty much every night of the week. In turn, that produced 1) a lot of ping pong, and 2) the discovery that I can record from an instrument onto my macbook without a preamp. (it’s not perfect, but it can be done.) I’m thinking of laying down some tracks. If I do, I’ll put them up for your listening pleasure. Me and Daniel are also planning to release some songs as the Pinney Taylor Experience. Prepare to be amazed.

Rosie is off the Spew (as Alison calls it). I think this is probably good for the viewers of that show and the country in general. However, it’s time to stop besmirching her on the news. Let’s get on with our lives.

Beulah introduced me to the music of Kristin Andreassen. I highly recommend that you check out her website — particularly you should listen to Crayola on her myspace page.

If you’re one of those people who has been thinking about trying soy-based foods, but has been scared because it just doesn’t seem natural, I’m here to tell you as a non-vegetarian that it’s okay. Try it out. Silk’s vanilla soy milk actually tastes better on cereal than regular milk. I’ve also been trying some of the soy hamburger and chicken variants. On the meat, I probably wouldn’t notice a difference unless someone pointed it out to me. That’s also true of the chicken patties. I’m not about to go vegetarian, but I think I will eat more soy-based foods just for health reasons. I get more than enough meat to keep me healthy.

I work at a credit union, in case any of you don’t know. What you are about to view is good, solid financial advice. Tim Gotkiewicz linked to this video from his myspace page. I love it. This is the best way to get your debt under control, people. Watch this video; save yourself some heartache.

Time to go get some O.J. Who needs antibiotics?

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  1. Chocolate soy milk is the best……..
    and so is Kristen Andreassen:)

  2. What brand of soy-meats do you buy? I’ve been wanting to switch to that (I have some ethical issues with the meat industries), but I didn’t want to end up with something gross. You’ll have to introduce me to the good kinds while we’re down there!

    Also, since you’re now a swing-dance master, will you show me how to bust a move? I asked Leslie if we could go dancing sometime and I think he said something along the lines of it being gay like Tae Bo.

  3. totally can’t wait to hear those uh…Pinney Taylor Experience songs
    and as for soy milk…Kyle used to be allergic to milk and eggs so we bought soy milk and stuff…it really is delicioso
    also…props to your layout…its wicked awesome!

  4. Sally and I drank soy milk for a while; got tired of it. We went back to 1% and 2% milk. I just read that a study was done that showed a correlation between prostate cancer and lowfat/fat free milk. Not me! I’m back to WHOLE milk, and a happy camper again :^)

    BTW, thanks for the credit on the credit advice ;^)

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