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los túmulos me estan mirando…

As most of you know, I spent some time in Guatemala back in September. I must have liked it, because I find myself now typing this out from a coffee place called Barista in a mall in Guatemala City. Don’t believe me? Here’s the undeniable proof:


Okay, so maybe that doesn’t prove anything. But, I did really just take it as I’m sitting here from my trusty macbook. Here’s another exciting picture of me in ATL before I left:


ok, that’s all for the iSight pictures. I promise. (maybe)

Anyway, Saturday night, Mafer’s friend July picked me up at the airport. I think I was easy to spot. She was kind enough to feed me, let me take a nap, and take me with her to a meeting at her Church. I understood a little, so it was fun. Later, we met up with Mafer and some of her friends to go see a show in Antigua. Of course, we were late and missed the whole thing, but we got something to eat at Frita’s and played some pool with some people who said they were from Tampa, but had an Australian accent.

Sunday was July’s Dad’s birthday. We went to her parents’ house and ate lunch with them. While I was there, Mafer and July took me out to ride the chicken bus. The chicken bus is Mafer’s name for the main form of bus transportation here. It involves a brightly decorated bus, usually overpacked with passengers and, if you’re lucky, small livestock. Hence why she calls it the chicken bus. She has actually had a chicken as a fellow passenger. I have not, sadly. Yet, here’s the obligatory photo:


I also got to experience the “Tuc Tuc” (or however you spell it). Basically this is a motorized tricycle with space for 2-3 passengers in the back. Sorry, no pictures yet for that. I’ll try and take one later. And, for you picture freaks, here is one of Mafer and me waiting for the Chicken Bus:


Yesterday I spent the morning here at the mall with Brenda (the wife in the missionary family who has been so nice to me and let me stay with them). I have rarely laughed as hard as when I’m with her. Just to give you an idea, she told me a story about giving someone (not someone she’s related to) an enima (she’s not a nurse). The afternoon I spent with Mafer’s grandma. We watched a movie on my laptop and we walked down to the tienda to get some bread and paper towels. I think we might be dating now. Last night we ate dinner with Brenda, Randy, and two of their children, Leah and Seth. During dinner Brenda made a wall out of several pieces of her cornbread. Awesome.

That’s all for now, but I’ll have more later, I’m sure. May the Lord bless you all.

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  1. i like that everyone is staring at the silly tourist getting his picture taken with a smug look on his face and crossed arms waiting on the chicken bus.

  2. i’m glad sara commented that, because i was JUST going to say that! I love that picture….it’s hilarious. :-) i can tell you are having fun… can’t wait to hear more details when you get back. luv ya! :-)

  3. You really need to write more often so your articles don’t have to be son long! Or maybe I need to stop checking it at night when I’m too tired to focus that long! Sounds like you are having a good time!

  4. awwwwwwwww!!!!!!! that’s sooo cute! i’m glad you had fun!
    and as for your pictures…and the chicken bus…that’s pretty neat!
    peace out

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