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une histoire pour mes amis

Lloyd has been notified by a few people that he needs to update more often. So, gather ’round, it’s story time. By the way, for those of you who actually read this thing, Lloyd wants you to know that it’s very flattering that you’d care to know what goes on in his life, and he thanks you all for sharing the love : )

The weekend after his 25th birthday, Lloyd traveled with his parents up to Henderson, Tennessee to visit his brother, Leslie. Leslie is engaged to marry a fantastic girl named Sara(-h), and that girl’s fantastic family also happened to be there. By this visit, it was determined that the families would get along just fine, and also that 8 people can unpack a minivan in approximately 15 minutes with all the belongings of 2 college girls. Sarah(-h)’s sister, Christianna is plotting with Lloyd for fun things during the wedding. Oh yes, there are plans. They often rub their hands together and laugh maniacally thinking about them. (Secretly, Lloyd thinks his new sister-in-law might be just as crazy as Leslie):

On the last Saturday of August, when the heat lingers on and children lament the return of school, Lloyd found himself in Nashville visiting old friends. Early Saturday morning, he accompanied his very good friend, Melanie Harkabus to a concert by a group named Plumb. Strangely, they did not sing about fruit at all, but they played well, as did the other bands there. Afterwards, they made a long and perilous journey to acquire a treasure for which Lloyd had waited many years. They wandered through obstacles, even to the dangerous trainyards and factories in the deep of the city. Fortunately, Melanie finds a way to laugh in even the scariest of situations, and this was no exception:

In the end, it was worth it, for the treasure sounded of warm, deep tones, and smelled of thick rosewood inside. Lloyd was sure it would bring him happiness for years to come:


That evening, Lloyd went with his friends, Nick (known in some kingdoms as Jabroni or the King of Pimps) and Hope (you will likely be hearing her on an album someday; she has a fantastic voice and is learning to play violin) to a concert played by Dave Barnes. It was the most fun Lloyd had enjoyed in a long while. The music was incredible, Dave was hilarious, and spirits were high. The End.

Actually that’s not the end, I’m just done with the third person deal for now. So last week Christopher got married. I’m very proud of him, Amy was a great find. The wedding was one of the most fun I’ve attended. I don’t know why I love dressing up in a tux so much when I hate dressing up for work or anything else. During the night me and Daniel might have stolen Chris’ keys and copied them and then let Jessica do her thing. The result was pretty fantastic, although they will be cleaning out the car for awhile. Jessica says that’s her love language. I imagine involuntary decoration covers a lot of her languages in terms of expression.

I have also met my twin, Amy’s cousin, Sara. She likes dead baby jokes and eats sushi. We totally owned everyone else walking during the wedding. I doubt if anyone else had synchronized steps. Here’s the interview:

The next week I drove the Church van (I’m allowed now that I’ve reached the ripe old age of 25…) to Crestview for a youth rally. It was so encouraging that the kids actually wanted to go and made an effort to set it up. That made me really happy, and of course the drive was hilarious. If I find an internet-worthy clip of that, I’ll put it up later.

That brings us almost current. On Saturday I headed up to Montgomery to hang out with Amy’s cousin for the day. We watched a decent football game (the refs were blind, but the bad calls and lack of calls were evenly distributed… Huntington won) and ate some Japanese food. Also, I saw Amélie, which is a very cool french movie minus a couple of unnecessary scenes.

So, this week, some very, very exciting news… I’m going to Guatemala!! I’m so excited its like Christmas when I was little. I’m going to visit my close friend Mafer, back from my Harding days. We’ve kept in touch by e-mail over the last few years, and I thank God for her friendship. I’m still trying to convince her to come to Italy with me, but no luck yet. We’ve been talking about this for years, and now it’s finally happening. I’m going to see if she’ll go with me to Tikal to see the Mayan ruins, and I’m very much looking forward to her showing me around Guatemala City. I will definitely have my video camera (and I’m planning on purchasing a new digital still camera just for the trip), so I will share when I return, Lord willing. Also, if anyone would like a postcard, send me your address and I’ll be sure to send you one. Please pray for me that it will be a safe trip, and that I will be a light for God while I’m traveling.
Last order of business… SEE THIS THIS (looks like stage6 is gone for good) VIDEO. Honestly, it may have changed my life. I love this guy, and I so wish I could take credit for his project here. I already had this Guatemala trip planned, a Quebec trip in January after my brother gets married, and in the works a very long trip I’ll talk about later, but this video just reminded me how wonderful God’s creation is, and what a blessing it is to celebrate it. I can almost guarantee I will plan to do more traveling as a direct result of seeing this. I love you all, give yourselves hugs.

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