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How to Handle Rejection Like a Man — Part 3


I remember that it was an uncommonly beautiful day. We were sitting next to a lake in rural Tennessee, and after nearly two years together, she’d said we were through. It was not a beautiful day at all.

I’ve been mulling over this series for some months now, and this last section is the part I didn’t want to write.

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How to Handle Rejection Like a Man — Part 2


In the last segment, I made the following claim: A girl accepting your interest or rejecting it is rarely about you at all. And that’s true… except when it’s not. Sometimes it really is you, bro. I want to make clear that I am NOT talking about the following situations: You rarely work up the… Read More »


How to Handle Rejection Like a Man — Part 1


If you want to know how to marry your dream girl and live happily ever after, I’d ask someone else (send them my way when you find them). However, if that pretty girl you’ve had your eye on says ‘thanks, but no thanks,’ and you’re not sure what to do next – well, you’ve come… Read More »


happy Friday


A short cell phone recording of something I’ve been working on. Enjoy.


Macronutrient Ratios and Energy Deficit


This is less an informational post than it is an attempt to articulate a major gap in my understanding of nutrition. When I first entered the fat loss world, I gleaned that I needed to be in a calorie deficit — but that was about it. I’ve experimented with serious calorie restriction + lots of… Read More »

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